About a New Treatment

A Treatment is the given name of the Risk task.

A task is made of four main elements:

  • the details of the instruction or action required,

  • the schedule, including the frequency, Reminder Days and Due Date,

  • the Actioned by(s) Position(s),

  • and the Escalation Position, to whom the notification goes of the task not being completed by the Due Date.

A Task is an instruction or action required to be completed by a specific date. The Task maybe required to be carried out by more than one position. The Task will either be required to be performed once (adhoc), or to be performed on a cyclic roll.

On the first reminder day, the Task is generated into a Current Task. The Current Task contains the instructions and the Due Date, but is its only entity, separate from the Treatment (template) it was created from. A separate Current Task is generated to each Actioned By Position. Each Actioned By Position will complete their own Current Tasks.

New Task Notifications

A new task notification will be sent on the Reminder Day date. If the task has a second reminder, a notification will be sent on this date. If the task is Critical, and the task is not completed on the Due Date by the Critical time, a notification will be sent to the Actioned By on the Due Date at this time. If the task is not completed by the Due Date, a notification will be sent everyday the task is overdue to the Actioned By, until the task is complete.

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