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Ansarada GRC: Who is the register Owner and designer in Ansarada GRC?
Ansarada GRC: Who is the register Owner and designer in Ansarada GRC?

Ansarada GRC: Who is the register Owner and designer in Ansarada GRC?

Written by Neha Aswal
Updated over a week ago
  • Who is the register Designer?

During the Register Type creation process, the Administrator can select one or more (non-Administrator) Positions to be that Register’s ‘Designer’. The Designer will be granted access to the Registers Maintenance Menu option ‘Type of Registers’. Once the Designer selects this menu option, only Register Types of which they are the Designer will appear. The Designer can now create the layout this Register will use, and they can also update all this Register’s configuration settings.

The Designer’s security access is directly to this Register Type and is Independent of Security Groups security. Designers do not have automatic access to Register records created for this Register Type, but they can be granted access through one of the Designer’s Security Groups. They can be granted (or revoked) automatic Edit or View new record security access via the Register Type’s Default Security Groups.

Ansarada GRC Administrators can update all Register Types and all Register Records.

  • The Register Type Owner

There can be one or more Register Type Owners in each Register. The Register Type Owner’s role is to manage the records created in this Register. The Register Type can be configured to alert the Register Type Owner(s) of each new Register record created.

The order of the Register Type Owner is important because, when a new Register Record is created, the first listed Register Type Owner becomes that Register Record’s Managed By position. All Owners can be configured to receive a notification when new records are created.

A new Register Type Owner can then be selected from Positions that are members of Security Groups that have been granted Edit security access to this Register Type.

A Register Type Owners role, and a Register Type Designers role, are independent of each other, however, one Position can occupy both roles.

Note: If the Register is to contain restricted information, consider creating a Security Group that only contains the Owner Positions', specifically for that Type of Register. Then grant Edit Security access to this Group only.

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