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Ansarada GRC: Managing contract documents in Contract module.
Ansarada GRC: Managing contract documents in Contract module.

Ansarada GRC: Managing contract documents in Contract module.

Written by Christina Pan
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Manage Contract Documents

The ‘Documents’ tab can be used to:

  • Link to or attach additional Documents to this Contract.

  • Review documents already attached to this Contract,

  • Change the Document Type if required.

Note: Each Attachment has a file size restriction. Use ‘Link to Contract Document’ for very large files.

Accessing Contract Documents

  1. Access the Contracts list page. The ‘Contracts’ list page is displayed.

  2. Click on the Contract record to display its details. The ‘Contract’ page is displayed with that record.

  3. Click the Documents tab. The Documents tab is displayed.

Attaching Contract Documents

  1. Select Document Type 1 to be attached. This is a mandatory field.

  2. Click the Browse button 2.

  3. From the Browse window, find and select the document that is to be attached to this Contract record. The Document will appear in 3 and the Attach button 4 will become enabled.

  4. Click the Attach button 4.

  5. After the loading process, the newly attached document 5 will appear in the Document list.

Viewing a Contract Document

  1. Click the ‘Open the Attachment’ 1 icon on the document to be viewed.

  2. The document will either open immediately, or it will download and wait for you to choose to open it (see the bottom area of your browser to see the options).

Deleting a Contract Document

  1. Click the ‘Delete’ 1 icon on the document to removed from this contract record.

  2. The ‘Confirm’ window appears. Click OK to delete, or click Cancel.

Link to Contract Document

Use this feature to link to an External Contract Document. This link must be accessible to Ansarada GRC servers.

  1. Click the ‘Edit external link to Contract document’ 1 icon.

  2. Enter, or change, the ‘External Link to Contract’ 1 field. Then click the Save icon 2. (Or click the Cancel icon 3 to exit).

  3. The ‘Link to Contract Document’ 1 icon will now be enable. Click the link to view the document. (If the document does not start to open after a few seconds, it is an indication that the link is not accessible to the Ansarada GRC servers.)

Change Contract Document Type

Contract Document Type changes are made in the grid and saved.

  1. Click the Document Type 1 field to select it. Click the Document Type 1 field a second time to open the field selector. If you have clicked correctly it will look like this image.

  2. Click the list selector 1 icon to display the selection list. Click the replacement Document Type 2.

  3. Click the ‘Save Changes’ 1 button to save this change.

  4. The updated Document Type 1 is displayed.

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