In TriLine, Positions are no longer deleted from TriLine GRC, but are made Obsolete. By making the Positions obsolete, rather than completely deleting them from the system, the maintenance overhead require by the Administrator maybe greatly reduced. For Positions that are the Managed By of ‘Closed’ Events and Registers records, the Administrator no longer is required to transfer these ownership’s to other positions. (Register Tasks will still need to be transferred, see not below.)

Administrators can Obsolete an existing Position by clicking the corresponding Bin icon in the list on the Security Centre ‘Positions’ tab.

A Position’s Bin icon will only appear when:

  • The position has no outstanding Current Tasks and,

  • The Position has no roles, either of responsibility (excluding closed Event or Register records), or as a task Actioned By.

Note: Check a Positions roles by clicking the Show Usage icon.

For Position’s that are an Actioned By in a ‘Closed’ Register record, or in an Inactive Task, consider transferring these to the ‘Not Allocated’ position. (Never use ‘Not Allocated’ for Active Tasks, or for Tasks of ‘Open’ Register Record.)

To Obsolete a position:

  1. Access the Security Centre Position tab.

  2. On the ‘Positions’ tab, click the Bin icon next to the Position you want to remove.

  3. A ‘Do you want to make this position Obsolete’ dialog is displayed. Click OK to obsolete the Position (or Cancel if you have changed your mind).

  4. The Position will appear in the list on the ‘Obsolete Positions’ tab.

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