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Ansarada GRC: What are timeout and how to extend them?
Ansarada GRC: What are timeout and how to extend them?

Ansarada GRC: What are timeout and how to extend them?

Written by Neha Aswal
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Ansarada GRC requires user activity before the timeout period passes, to keep the logged in session ‘alive’.

Timeout Period

The Ansarada GRC inactive timeout period is initially set to 1 hour.

This means if you have not ‘interacted’ with the Ansarada GRC system for 30 minutes or more (including not clicking the Session Extension), your session will be ended and you will be disconnected. All unsaved worked will be lost.

Timeout Warning and Extending Session

When a users session has been inactive for 45 minutes, Ansarada GRC displays a message that your session will timeout in 5 minutes and gives you the option to extend your session. Click OK to continue your session, or click Cancel to allow the session to disconnect if no further activity is taken.

5 Minute Timeout And Extension

5 Minute Timeout And Extension

If you are editing a primary module record (e.g. a Compliance Process, a Risk etc.), or creating a new Event record, or creating a new Register record, the timeout period will extend to 100 minutes. Otherwise timeout the period will extend another 30 minutes. Either extension will give the option again, to extend the session again 5 minutes before it expires.

Preventing Timeouts

Ansarada GRC considers the following types of activities to be interactive and will restart the countdown every time one of these activities is taken:

  • Saving

  • Changing pages

  • Opening new records

  • Updating records

  • Completing tasks

  • Deleting records

  • Running a report, chart or dashboard

  • Clicking OK on the 5 minute timeout window

The follow is not consider an interaction with the Ansarada GRC server:

  • Typing

  • Changing tabs on the same page

  • Working in an Interactive Dashboard

Note: If you have completed a large amount of typing, but are unsure of your timeout situation, before clicking Save or Complete or Finish, copy and paste your text into another editing tool (e.g. Notepad). This way, if you have timed out, you still have your content and can recover the situation when you redo the data entry.

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