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Ansarada GRC: How to create a Completed Task Report?
Ansarada GRC: How to create a Completed Task Report?

Ansarada GRC: How to create a completed Task summary?

Written by Christina Pan
Updated over a week ago

To create a report of Completed Tasks by a user over a certain period of time, a new feature functionality (released in 2022) in the My Summary Page exists to generate this request.

  1. Go to My summary Page

  2. Select the three-bar hamburger menu icon. Then select Completed Tasks Summary from the displayed menu options.

  3. This will take you to the Completed Tasks Summary view.

  4. Across the grey ribbon, select the relevant user from the Actioned By dropdown.

  5. To create a summary report over a specific period, enter your preferred Date From and Date To dates.

  6. To finalise and generate the summary report, click the Load magnifying glass icon.

  7. This will generate a summary of Completed Tasks actioned by the selected user over the specified time period.

  8. This can be exported onto your desktop as an Excel spreadsheet or Word document. In order to export, make sure that your intended summary report has been generated. Then, select the three-bar hamburger menu icon again and a new set of displayed menu options should appear.

  9. Hover over export and select your preferred export type as a standard Excel spreadsheet (static columns), Excel spreadsheet with filters (filterable columns) or Word document.

  10. Your Completed Task summary report should now export and download onto your desktop.

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