A Quick Menu is a customisable personal menu that allows each user to quickly navigate and open their favourite, high priority or regularly used pages. Any page can be added to create their own personal Quick Menu that will appear as a row of icons at the very top of the system next to your company's logo.

In order to add a page to your Quick Menu, navigate to the page view within GRC that you wish to add.

Select your name at the top right corner of the top black ribbon and a dropdown menu list will appear. Then select Add My Current Page to My Quick Menu.

In the My Quick Menu window that has popped up, add a short description or title in the Tool Tip field and select an icon. The title or description in the Tool Tip field will display and help prompt the user when hovering over the icon later.

To finalise and save your Quick Menu settings, click the Save icon on the left.

  • Note: The new addition to your Quick Menu will not appear immediately. You will need to refresh your browser.

Once refreshed, it will display at top next to your company logo. When adding an additional item to an existing Quick Menu, the new item icon will appear on the right end of the existing Quick Menu.

In order to edit or reorder the item options in your Quick Menu, select your name at the top right corner of the top black ribbon. Then select the Manage My Quick Menu option. This will open a Manage My Quick Menu window with your item options in a list view.

From here, by selecting the Edit pencil icon next to each Quick Menu item option, you are able to edit the hover text or icon associated with that item option.

By selecting the item option and then clicking the Move Up or Move Down icon at the bottom of the page, you are able to change the order of your Quick Menu item options.

By moving an item option in the list view up, it will move and appear to the left of the Quick Menu.

By moving an item option in the list view down, it will move and appear to the right of the Quick Menu.

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