What is an Event?

An Event is any incident or occurrence that needs to be recorded, actioned or reported for the organisation. An Eventmay have a measurable cost to the organisation.

How do I report an Event?

TriLine GRC users and Non-TriLine GRC users (Portal users) can both report an Event in the Portal.

TriLine GRC users only can also report an Event directly in the TriLine GRC Event Register (accessible from the Event Register option on the Main Menu).

What happens after I report the Event?

Upon raising the Event, TriLine GRC will notify the Position(s) responsible for managing the Type of Event you’ve reported. This Position is called the Event Type Manager.

The Event Type Manager uses TriLine GRC to:

  • Manages and has responsibility of this event’s progression,

  • Link any related Records that may assist in resolving the Event,

  • Assign Tasks to resolve the Event, and

  • is notified that Tasks haven’t been completed within the required time.

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