What is Event Progress?

In broad terms, the progress for recording an Event entry and managing that Event, is as follows:

  1. A person within your organisation records an Event or Incident, either:

    • via TriLine GRC, if the person has a TriLine GRC account and Position, or

    • via the TriLine Portal, with this person being a self added, or, an admin added, TriLine GRC Portal User.

  2. The Owner(s) for that Event Type will receive a notification advising that an Event has been recorded. The first default Owner, or optionally, the Nominated Position, will Manage this Event record (and is called the ‘Managed By’). Managed By can be delegate as required. The person creating an Event record can choose to receive a confirmation email of the creation of their Event record.

  3. The Managed By Position:

    • reviews the Event Record,

    • adds relevant information, or links to the Event entry,

    • assigns Tasks, as required, to Positions within TriLine GRC to take any required action,

    • responds to TriLine GRC alerts regarding any Task progress, and

    • changes the entry’s status as required by that Events processing procedures, till the record is progressed to a ‘Closed’ status.

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