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Ansarada GRC: Events Maintenance Section
Ansarada GRC: Events Maintenance Section

Ansarada GRC: Events Maintenance Section

Written by Neha Aswal
Updated over a week ago

Every Module has a Maintenance Section where the configuration can be done. Only Administrators can access the Maintenance Configuration Events tab.

Only Administrators and Administrators - Events can access the Events Maintenance menu items.

Events Maintenance section has following items:

  1. Categories - Using descriptive Categories and Sub Categories will allow you to track and monitor Events at a discrete level

  2. Cause- Causes help you determine any break downs in your procedures, policy or other areas. Rectification and possible prevention of future incidents can be better targeted.

  3. Priority- Creating a Priority listing such as Low, Medium or High allows Event Managers to better focus their attention when they have multiple Events to manage.

  4. Status- Each Event goes through a number of stages as it is recorded, investigated and resolved. The status allows you to monitor the progress Events are making through the investigating or resolution cycle.

  5. Type of Events Registers- Ansarada GRC allows you to track and record many different types of Events. Each of these is known as an Event Type. Each will have its own unique event form. For example, these might be for:

    • Customer Complaint

    • Work Health & Safety

    • System Outage

    • Audit Findings

  6. Custom fields- In certain circumstances you might want to capture unique information. If required you can create a custom field for this.

  7. Export/Import Types- The Export/ Import menu item allows you to share Event form templates with other Ansarada GRC users. This will only share the Event form template, not any Event or Incident data.

  8. Import Records- Ability to import record via external source i.e. Microsoft excel

  9. New Record Help- Define the Help Text that will be displayed on a new record page. If no Help Text is entered then the Help button will not be displayed on the new record page

  10. Audit Trail: Will give reporting for all the Event reference. Reporting can be in the form of Excel, Word


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