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Ansarada GRC: What is Filter Builder and how to build one?
Ansarada GRC: What is Filter Builder and how to build one?

What is Filter Builder and how to build one?

Written by Neha Aswal
Updated over a week ago

What is Filter Builder and how to build one?

The Filter Builder allows you to search for Records based on very specific—and complex—criteria.

The principle behind the Filter Builder is that you create one or more Conditions, grouped under an Operator. For example, a simple filter looking for all Records with a Status of ‘Active’ might look like this:

And Status Equals Active

In the above example, ‘And’ is the Operator, which contains one Condition: ‘Status Equals Active’.

You can group multiple Conditions under an Operator. You can also add more Operator groups to build very sophisticated filters.

The Filter Builder

When the Filter Builder window first opens, one ‘And’ operator 1 is included. When you open the Filter Builder from a Record List with a ‘Status’ column, a default Condition Status Equals 'Active' is also included to display all Activerecords.

Building a Filter

Suppose you want to search a list for all Records where ‘Column 4’ contains the word ‘hazard’.

  1. Start by setting the Operator. Click the default Operator 1 and select an Operator from the Operator drop-down list 2. For our example, ‘And’ will do.

  2. Click the ‘Add Condition’ icon 3 to add a new Condition. A Condition consists of:

    • a Column Title 4,

    • an Expression 6, and

    • a Criteria field 8.

  3. To set up the Condition:

    • click the existing Column Title 4 and select ‘Column 4’ from the drop-down list 5,

    • click the existing Expression 6 and select ‘Contains’ from the drop-down list 7, and

    • in the Criteria field 8, type the word you’re looking for (in this case, ‘hazard’).

  4. Your Filter Builder should now look like this:

    And Column 4 Contains [hazard]
  5. Click the OK button to apply the filter.

Multiple Conditions

To add another Condition to your filter, either:

  • click the ‘Add Condition’ icon 3, or

  • click the Operator 1 and select ‘Add Condition’ from the drop-down list 2.

To remove a Condition, click the ‘Remove Condition’ icon 9 next to the Condition you want to remove.

Multiple Operator groups

To add another Operator group to your filter, click on the existing Operator 1 and select ‘Add Group’ from the drop-down list 2.

To remove an Operator group, click the Operator group you want to remove and select ‘Remove’ from the drop-down list 2.

Close the Filter Builder without applying the filter

To close the Filter Builder, click either:

  • the Cancel button 11, or

  • the ‘Close’ icon 12.

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