TriLine: How to customise TriLine GRC portal and add company logo?

TriLine: How to customise TriLine GRC portal and add company logo?

Written by Neha Aswal
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Customising TriLine GRC

TriLine GRC allows Logo and some colour customisations. The Customisation settings are located in the main menu Maintenance | Configuration Page, ‘Customisation’ tab.

The ‘Customisation’ tab will appear like below screen.

The 'Customisation' tab

The ‘Customisation’ tab

The Configuration ‘Customisation’ tab elements





‘Report Colours’ fields

Select the colour to highlight that section of the Report.


‘Show all Pages’ switch

Set this switch on to have Reports defaulting to scrolling through all pages. The paging is still changeable in the report for either setting of this switch.



Use the uploader to brand your TriLine GRC system with your company Logo.

Note: You must select ‘Use Logo on Pages’ 4 to see the logo appear on all pages. You may need to close and reopen your browser and clear the browser cache for a new uploaded logo to appear.


‘Use Logo’ switches

Select where you would like the Logo to appear; on all Reports, on the TriLine GRC screens, and on the Portal.

Note: If no logo is loaded, the TriLine GRC logo will be used by default.
When the Use Logo on Pages is selected on, a ‘floating’ Powered by TriLine GRC banner will appear on bottom right of the page.


‘Set page background’ field

Select from the dropdown, or enter the colour number, for the page background colour.


Reset page background icon

Click the Reset icon to return to the default page background colour.


Page Help icon

Click this icon to display basic information about how to work with this Page.

The Logo Uploader

The Logo Uploader allows you to brand your TriLine GRC site and Reports with your company logo. When uploaded and ‘Use Logo on pages is selected’, your company logo will replace the TriLine GRC logo appearing in the top left hand corner of the page. (A ‘floating’ ‘Powered by TriLine GRC’ brand will also appear on bottom right of the page.)

The 'Logo Uploader'

The ‘Logo Uploader’

The ‘Logo Uploader’ elements





Logo image

This is used to preview your uploaded logo.

Note: Images can be ‘drag and drop’ here directly if preferred instead of using the ‘Logo preview icon’ 3b.


Logo preview icon

Click the

icon to find the Logo file to be uploaded and click open; your logo will appear in 3a.

Note: Logo Properties:
- Format: PNG, JPG or GIF.
- Max Size: 15KB.
- Recommended Max Dimensions: 150px x 45px.
- Larger files will be forced to this sizing.


Clear Logo icon

If you want to remove your logo branding, click this icon

to clear the Logo; also switch off ‘Use Logo on pages’ .

Note: TriLine GRC is the default logo when no logo is used.

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