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Ansarada GRC: What is the Web Monitor and how to use it
Ansarada GRC: What is the Web Monitor and how to use it
Written by Neha Aswal
Updated over a week ago

Are you trying to find a way to process and generate a new Task urgently or out of cycle with the system's daily refresh (Monitor service)?

The Web Monitor is a feature provided to run and process New Current Tasks and Overnight administration (overdue task email notifications, date rollovers, scheduled reports, audit trail retention, monitor log records) refreshes manually.

⚠️Security permissions required to perform action: full system Administrator

❗️ This feature cannot be accessed while a system is in Project Mode (often turned on during implementation).

  1. Navigate to the Maintenance area along the top ribbon menu.

  2. Select the Web Monitor option in the Maintenance menu.

  3. Navigate to the three-bar menu icon and select the relevant action you would like the Monitor to process and complete adhoc.

    ❗️ Check the Do NOT send emails tickbox to run these processes but ensure that email notifications are NOT sent to users in case these emails may be disruptive during business hours.

    ℹ️ To process and generate a New Current Task, click the Generate New Tasks Option.

    ℹ️ To process Overnight administration, click the Overnight Processing Option.

  4. Once the processing has been completed, the system will outline all the items run/generated in the Logs window.

As a Summary:

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