Administrator Only

The following task procedures can only be performed by a Position in the System Security Group Administrators.


Change Current Task Due Date

‘Change Current Task Due Date’ is ONLY used to change the Due Date of tasks listed in the My Summary | Current Tasks tab. That is ‘Change Current Task Due Date’ is used to change the Due Date of Current (generated) tasks that have not yet been completed. ‘Change Current Task Due Date’ can be used on overdue tasks. ‘Change Current Task Due Date’ only makes changes to the selected Current task, it does not make changes to the underlying record the Current task was generated from.

Note Only Administrators can change the Due Date for a Current (generated) Task.

  1. From the Main Menu, select Maintenance | Change Current Task Due Date.

  2. The ‘Change Current Task Due Date’ page is displayed.

  3. In the ‘Reason’ field, type a reason for changing the Current Task Due Date.

  4. In the ‘Authorised By’ field, select the Position authorising the Due Date change from the drop-down list.
    In the ‘Change date for’ field, select the Position for whom the Current Task Due Date is to be changed.

  5. A list of Current Tasks for the Position selected in step 4 is displayed. Click the icon ( or icon for overdue Tasks) next to the Current Task whose Due Date you want to change.

  6. The ‘Select New Date’ popup window is displayed.

  7. Click the date field (see 1 above) and select the new Due Date using the Date/Time Selector.

    Note: Changing the Due date for a Current Task can affect Reporting. For Example, if you have a task due in March and you change the due date to a date in April, a report of first quarter will not contain this task; this may not have been your intention. Be careful to fully understand the consequences before changing any Current Task Due date. Contact your administrator or [email protected] for help on your particular circumstances.

  8. Select ‘Send new email reminder’ (see 2 above) to send a notification, containing the new Due Date, to the Position doing the task.

  9. Click the ‘Save’ icon (see 3 above) to set the new Current Task Due Date or click 4 to cancel.

  10. The Task is no longer displayed in the list of available Tasks and the following message is displayed at the foot of the list:

  11. TriLine GRC also sends an email to the ‘Actioned By’ Position advising that the Task Due Date has been changed.

  12. Repeat steps 5 to 9 for any other Tasks relating to the selected Position.

  13. When finished, select another Main Menu item (e.g. ‘My Summary’) to exit the ‘Change Task Due Date’ page.

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