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TriLine: What is Contract Management Module in TriLine GRC?
TriLine: What is Contract Management Module in TriLine GRC?
ContractsTriLine: What is Contract Management Module in TriLine GRC? Module
Written by Neha Aswal
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About Contracts

The Contract Management Module is part of the fully integrated TriLine GRC solution that allows you to centralise and take control of your contracts. Using the TriLine GRC workflow engine means that dates aren’t missed and service level agreements are monitored.

Contract Management Module

More than a contract register, the TriLine GRC Contract Management module enables organisations to manage all aspects of their contracts.

From vendor validation, contract renewals and service level agreements, the process is automated enabling contract owners and line managers to take responsibility; and of course it is fully integrated to the rest of the system.

Effective Contract Management is synonymous with Governance, Compliance and Risk Management and these are the foundations for TriLine GRC.

The Contracts Process

The Contracts Process


Leveraging from the workflows in the TriLine GRC platform means that you can:

  • Know when contracts are expiring or renewing in advance.

  • Improve your negotiating position.

  • Track incoming and outgoing obligations.

  • Link contracts to Risks, Compliance, Key Metrics and Events.

  • Monitor SLA targets and obligations through tasks, check points, escalations and reports.

  • Administer all organisational and subsidiary contracts from one source.

  • Identify and highlight your key contract for Governance and Regulatory purposes.

  • Focus on contracts from 3rd party suppliers that are critical to your business.


The Contract Management Module provides all contract details including the ability to store or link to a copy of the contract, create tasks, track critical dates and link to compliance, risk, KRIs and Events.

The Contracts Features

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