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Ansarada GRC: Turning off Obligation Tasks
Ansarada GRC: Turning off Obligation Tasks
Written by Christina Pan
Updated over a week ago

Are your users overwhelmed by the large volume of tasks being generated to review each new LexisNexis Obligation update?

Our system provides the flexibility to turn off these tasks.

By doing so, each Obligation (or Sub-Obligation) Owner and Notify Position will receive only an email to alert them of any relevant Obligation updates. This will no longer generate a Task for each LexisNexis update in the Owner's MySummary Page.

⚠️ Security permissions required to perform action: full system Administrator

1. This can be done by a Ansarada GRC system Administrator in the Maintenance - Configuration section.

2. In Maintenance - Configuration, navigate to the Obligations tab and toggle off the Obligation Alert Task Setting (as seen below).

3. Once done, make sure to navigate to the three bar icon (top left corner) and save these setting changes.

4. To review and action the updates to their relevant operational Obligations (ie. those already linked and established as the Source Obligation for Compliance Processes and Process Controls in place) within the Ansarada GRC system, it is recommended for Obligations Owners to work from the 'Unresolved Obligations Update' page which can be accessed from the Obligations menu.

5. To review all updates to relevant Obligations (including those that are not yet linked as the Source Obligation to Compliance Processes or Process Controls), it is recommended to get a high-level summary of all LexisNexis updates from the 'Work with Alerts' page which can be accessed from the Obligations menu.

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