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Manage materiality assessment

Learn how to manage your materiality assessments.

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To manage your materiality assessments, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Assessments on the left-hand navigation menu.

  2. Select the materiality assessments you would like to see from the All, Active, Closed tabs.

  3. Click the expand icon next to ESG materiality to display your available assessments, then click the three line icon button to the far right of the assessment you wish to manage.

  4. You will see the following functionalities available in managing your assessments:

    • Edit

      • Enables administrators to edit the name, start date and end date of a particular assessment.

    • Download Report

      • This will download a you to download a sample Materiality Assessment report, with customised reports coming soon!

    • Activity

      • You can see the sharing history of your Materiality Assessment here.

    • Delete.

      • Administrators are able to delete assessments which are no longer required.

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