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Ansarada GRC: How to set up a Task in the Registers module
Ansarada GRC: How to set up a Task in the Registers module
Written by Christina Pan
Updated over a week ago

✅ Applies to: Registers module

Are you looking to set up a Task in the Registers module?

Our system provides the capability to set up and send out tasks to automate processes involved in the management of Events or Items recorded in Registers.

A task is an action with instructions that are required to be completed by a specific due date and can be carried out by more than one position.

  1. In the relevant Register record, add a new task in the Tasks tab.

  2. Enter in the details of Task as required. Specify instructions of the task in the Task field.

    ℹ️Predefined Task = list of predefined task templates set up by your Register Owner/System admin that can be used to more efficiently set up tasks.

    If using Predefined Task templates, please follow these instructions:

    ℹ️Blind task setting = task to be assigned to a user with no access to the parent Register record and will complete the task blind.

    ℹ️Critical task setting = task to generate an additional email reminder notification (default midday - dependent on system Maintenance settings) to assignee/actioner on the Due Date if the task is still not completed.

    ℹ️Mandatory attachment setting = task cannot be completed without including an attachment.

    ℹ️Send notification on completion = task to generate an email notification to the task assignee/actioner as confirmation of completion.

  3. Then, move onto the Schedule tab to schedule the task.

  4. Select the frequency of your chosen scheduling for this task.

    1 Adhoc = one-off

    1 Weekly = weekly

    2 Weekly = fortnightly

    3 Monthly = quarterly

    12 Monthly = yearly

  5. Select the Due Date for the first (or only) task in the Next Due Date field.

    ℹ️ If the task has a recurring schedule, the Next Due Date field will update once the next period rolls over.

  6. Select the 1st and 2nd Reminder Dates for this task as # days before the Due Date.

    ℹ️ 1st Reminder Date = # days before Due Date when task actioner(s) will receive first email notification of this task assigned to them to complete. From this date onwards, the task will appear on each task actioner(s) My Summary page.

    ℹ️ 2nd Reminder Date = (smaller) # days before Due Date when task actioner(s) will receive a second email notification to remind them to complete the task assigned to them (if not already completed).

  7. Select the relevant escalation point position who will receive an email notification if the task is not completed by the due date in the Escalate To field. This can be left blank and will default to the Escalation Points of each Task assignee.

  8. Finally, select the task assignee(s)/actioner(s) in the Actioned By field.

  9. Review your Task setup and Save.

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