✅ Applies to: Compliance module, Risk module, Key Metrics module, Events module, Registers module, Contracts module, Control Library module, Document Library module, TriagePro module

Are you looking to change details of a Task already set up in the system?

Our system provides some capability to edit Tasks already set up in the system. Updating a task e.g. details, instructions, scheduling will apply for all future tasks generated.

⚠️Once a task has already been generated by the system and becomes a Current Task on a user's My Summary Page, ONLY the due date of the task can be changed. Details and task description/instruction WILL NOT be able to be changed for this current task.

To change the Due Date of a Current Open Task on a user's My Summary Page, follow these instructions: http://help.ansarada.com/en/articles/6987045-triline-how-to-change-the-due-date-of-a-current-open-task

ℹ️How to know if the Task has a Current Open Task: If the 1st reminder date of the Task has already been surpassed, the Task is a Current Open Task (unless already actioned and completed).

To change the details for all future iterations of the Task:

  1. Navigate to the relevant Task in the Tasks tab of its module record.

  2. Click into the Task to edit it.

  3. Update the Task set-up to reflect the relevant changes required for the future.

  4. Review updates and Save.

  5. Changes made will now apply to future iterations of the Task.

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