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TriLine: How to use Insights reporting to manage Current Open/Overdue Tasks
TriLine: How to use Insights reporting to manage Current Open/Overdue Tasks
Written by Christina Pan
Updated over a week ago

✅ Applies to: Compliance module, Risk module, Key Metrics module, Events module, Registers module, Contracts module, Control Library module, Document Library module, TriagePro module

⚠️Security/System permissions required to perform action: full system Administrator (Security Group)/View Insights (System Group)

Our system's newest reporting capability, Insights, currently embeds predesigned PowerBI dashboards to offer and enable clear, real-time operational risk and compliance management.

The Current Tasks dashboard provides visually clean and insightful data visualisations on Current Open and Overdue Tasks across ALL MODULES in the TriLine system.

  1. Click into Insights along the top ribbon menu.

  2. Navigate to the drop down list of dashboard options in the top left corner. Select Current Tasks.

  3. Once the default view of the Current Tasks dashboard has loaded, a summary breakdown of the number of Current Open Tasks by Overdue/Not Overdue status will appear along the top, followed by a graphical breakdown by Positions, Modules and Due Dates.

    ℹ️ Visual graphs on the dashboards are interactive and thus, any filter selected on one graph will apply across all graphs on the dashboard.

  4. To apply specific filters across the entire dashboard, access the Advanced Filters panel collapsed along the very right side. Click on the Advanced Filters panel to reveal it.

  5. Using the list of Advanced Filters available, select what you'd like to filter by e.g. by specific module, whether overdue or by a specific group of task assignees/actioners (that make up a team/business unit).

    ℹ️ Multiple advanced filters can be applied to the dashboard.

    e.g. Example below shows advanced filtering by Risk-related tasks ie. Risk Reviews and Risk Treatment Tasks.

  6. With a right click on any of the summary numbers or visual graphs, you can select a Drill Through option to see more details on the particular data. The dashboard will take you to a grid view that provides a high-level summary overview of all critical details (fields) associated to that Task.

    ℹ️ Record numbers are underlined to indicate hyperlinking to the Task's parent record. By clicking on the record number, it will drill through and take the user straight to the record for quick access.

  7. The high-level summary grid view can be exported. By hovering over the top right corner of the dashboard, select the ellipsis that appear. By clicking on the ellipsis, you will be presented with a list of options, including the Export data option.

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