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Ansarada GRC: How to Complete/Action a Task
Ansarada GRC: How to Complete/Action a Task
Written by Christina Pan
Updated over a week ago

✅ Applies to: Compliance module, Risk module, Key Metrics module, Events module, Registers module, Contracts module, Control Library module, Document Library module, TriagePro module

Are you looking to find how to complete and action off tasks that have been assigned to you?

The system provides each user with a My Summary Page as their landing page after logging in. This serves as a To Do list of all current tasks assigned to that user which require their action.

  1. Once a Task is generated on the 1st Reminder Date, it will appear on the task assignee's My Summary Page list of Tasks to complete. In the default list view, you will be presented with high-level task details: Task Type, Record Number, Task Details, Due Date as well as a small row of icons.

    ℹ️ To sort your tasks by Due Date, simply click on the column 'Due Date' heading

    ℹ️ To filter your list to show only a certain type of task e.g. Risk Treatment tasks, click on the small funnel icon in the Type column heading and select the relevant Task Type.

  2. To action the Task, click on the pencil icon - the leftmost icon of the small row of icons along each Task.

    ℹ️ If you click anywhere in the row of task details rather than the pencil icon, this will drill through and take you directly to the record rather than the Task Completion window from where you can complete the Task.

    ℹ️ A red pencil icon alongside a Task indicates an Overdue Task.

  3. The Task Completion window will pop up and provide a list of all critical details related to the task.

    ℹ️Module record number = Number of parent module record e.g. Risk record number.

    ℹ️Record description = Description of parent module record e.g. Risk description.

    ℹ️Action = Instructions specified in the Tasks field of the Task setup.

    ℹ️Responsibility = User position assigned Task Responsibility in the Task setup.

    ℹ️Allocated To = User position assigned with this Task.

  4. Read instructions provided in the Action details and ensure that you have followed and actioned as required. Select the relevant date and your position to ensure accurate details are recorded for the completion of this Task.

  5. Complete the attestation (e.g. if Risk Treatment or Compliance Process Control Task) and/or provide any additional comments, if required.

  6. Once all instructions have been actioned, any relevant attestations completed and additional comments provided, the Task is ready to be completed. Select the page and pencil icon with the green tick to action this Task as Completed.

  7. Once Completed, the Task will no longer appear in your My Summary Page.

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