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Ansarada GRC: How to add/update your logo
Ansarada GRC: How to add/update your logo
Written by Christina Pan
Updated over a week ago

Are you looking to add or update your organisation's logo in Ansarada GRC?

The system provides the capability to customise its interface to include your organisation's logo in the top left corner.

⚠️ Security permissions required to perform action: full system Administrator

  1. Navigate to the Maintenance area along the top ribbon menu.

  2. Select the Configuration option in the Maintenance menu.

  3. In the Configuration window, select the Customisation tab.

  4. Click on the Select a Logo field to upload your organisation's logo.

  5. Toggle on the settings where you would like the logo to be present in Reports generated from the system, pages of the system or on the Portal.

  6. Once completed, review these updates and Save.

  7. Refresh your system for this update to come into effect.

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