Are you looking to change a Portal user to a full system Position user so that they have access to the full TriLine GRC system in order to view or manage items and action tasks?

The system provides a feature that allows you to change a Portal user to a Position user with one click.

โš ๏ธ Security permissions required to perform action: full system Administrator

To change a Portal user to a Position user:

  1. Navigate to the Maintenance area along the top ribbon menu.

  2. Select the Security Centre in the Maintenance menu.

  3. Select the Portal Users tab to view the list of Portal Users currently set up.

  4. For a Portal user, select the blue person with the grey arrow icon to change that Portal user into a Position user.

  5. The Portal User >> TriLine GRC User window will pop up. Fill in the required details and apply the relevant settings.

    ๐Ÿ’กTip: Tick Send Invitation option so that user will receive an invitation email to verify and login to the full TriLine GRC system as a Position user.

  6. Review changes and Save.

  7. The user will now appear on the list of Positions in the Positions tab of the Security Centre.

    โ—๏ธ The Position user will not be included in any System or Security groups. Please assign and include them in the relevant System or Security groups.

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