Are you looking to audit and review all the Portal and Position users set up in the system to ensure system access for staff members is up to date?

The system provides the capability to generate a Taxonomy Report that outputs all parameters, fields, and positions set up in the TriLine GRC system. This can be used to provide a list of all Portal and Positions users currently set up in your system.

To access the Taxonomy Report:

  1. Navigate to the Reports area along the top ribbon menu.

  2. Select the Taxonomy option in the Reports menu.

  3. This will load the TriLine GRC Taxonomy Report as an excel spreadsheet.

  4. Save the excel spreadsheet onto your computer.

  5. Once downloaded, open the excel spreadsheet file. You will see that all parameters, fields and positions are module/item categorised in separate sheet tabs.

  6. Navigate to the Positions/Portal Users tabs to review all your Position/Portal users set up and their details.

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