What are the responsibilities as the business' key stakeholder looking after the TriLine GRC system?

⚠️ Each organisation should have a designated TriLine system owner. As your organisation's system owner, you will be responsible for ensuring that the system's Monitor runs daily and successfully such that the information is accurately and reliably refreshed to facilitate BAU Risk, Compliance, Assurance and Incident Management operations.

⚠️ Security permissions required to perform action: full system Administrator

What is the Monitor?

The Monitor automatically performs the following processes:

  • Generation and notification of new Current Tasks to specified Actioned By Positions according to each Task Schedule

  • Daily notifications for Overdue Tasks to each Actioned By, and first time only Overdue notification to each Task ‘Escalate To’ position, or the Postions default ‘Escalate To’ position

  • Reminder notifications for Critical Tasks (when enabled) to specified Actioned By Positions according to each Task Schedule

  • Running Scheduled Reports

  • Rolling over Task schedules to their next cycle due date

  • Contract, Obligation and/or Triage Pro news/data updates

  • Removal of Deleted Records on their deletion date, and

  • Removal of Monitor logs and audit trail records that have reached the end of their retention period

Upon completion, the Monitor sends a successful completion email notification to the Monitor Notification email address.

As your business' TriLine system owner, you are responsible for:

  1. Ensuring that your email is set up in the Monitor Configuration of the Maintenance area as the Notification Email contact.

    💡Tip: Set up a group email inbox within your business (that forwards any emails received to multiple staff members) and set the Notification Email contact as the group email address.

  2. Checking your inbox every morning for this email notification to ensure your system is running smoothly.

  3. Checking the Monitor Logs in the Maintenance area, if a notification email was not received,

  4. Contacting [email protected] ASAP if there are any issues with notification emails not being received or Monitor Logs not reflecting a successful system refresh. The TriLine GRC Support team will urgently investigate and rectify.

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