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Ansarada GRC: What is the Project Mode and when is it turned on/off?
Ansarada GRC: What is the Project Mode and when is it turned on/off?
Written by Christina Pan
Updated over a week ago

Are you wondering why your system is not generating any new Tasks or any Task notification emails despite Tasks being set up and scheduled?

The system has a Project Mode setting that allows the system to exist in a limbo state to facilitate any user testing of records and tasks without any active tasks or notification emails being generated and before your staff members are informed and trained.

❗️ During the initial system implementation, the Project Mode is automatically turned on.

When an organisation is ready to go live, the Project Mode can be turned off.

ℹ️ Once turned off, the standard Monitor processing ie. refreshing the system and generating new tasks, critical tasks, scheduled report and overnight processing will occur.

⚠️ To turn off Project Mode, security permissions required to perform action: full system Administrator

  1. Navigate to the Maintenance area along the top ribbon menu.

  2. Select the Configuration option in the Maintenance menu.

  3. In the Configuration window, select the Monitor tab.

  4. Toggle off the Project Mode setting.

  5. Once completed, review these updates and Save.

  6. This update should come into effect overnight.

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