⚠️ This is only applicable to systems which have turned on: the Express Complete in One Click option.

❗️ Setting applies to only Attestation tasks - Risk Treatment Tasks or Compliance Process Control Tasks.

The system provides the capability for users to be able to Express Complete attestation tasks with a single click.

  1. If the Express Complete in One Click option has been turned on in the Maintenance area by the system Administrator, the lightning action icon to Express Complete will appear alongside the other action icons for Tasks on the My Summary Page.

  2. Hover over the lightning icon to reveal information relevant to completing the Task via this action button.

  3. Click the lightning icon to Express Complete if your task completion outcomes aligns with the information displayed.

  4. If the completion of this Task involves variation or addition to the information displayed, do not click the Express Complete button. Instead, click the pencil icon to complete the task and provide comments, if needed.

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