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Ansarada GRC: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - Dec 2022
Ansarada GRC: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - Dec 2022

GRC Integration with Identity (Including MFA).

Written by Neha Aswal
Updated over a week ago

Ansarada GRC Integration with Identity (Including MFA).

With this new release, there has been an integration with MFA where all the sites will be facilitated by a Multifactor Authentication for the new customers. This will enable our customer to reduce the risk of account takeovers and provide additional security for the users and their accounts. With the increasing Cyber breaches, it is essential to add layers of security necessary to protect users and their data.

Please note: There’s no change to existing customers of Ansarada GRC. This change will be implemented for all the new customers.

For new customers of Ansarada GRC, they would be able to do the following:

  • Log in to Ansarada GRC with the Universal Login Page of Ansarada

  • Enrol & Use MFA for new login flow (Follow Enable MFA Playbook)

  • Sign up using the invitation email when Ansarada GRC Admin Create/Edit a position in Ansarada GRC

  • Change password using Identity Recover Password flow

  • Sign out of Ansarada

  • The “Change User” button is removed since it will not work properly due to the fact that we can only support 1 email - 1 position for this release

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can we have multiple roles for 1 email?

No, because the email would be a unique identity. When integrating with Identity, we are having a drawback as 1 role - 1 email/user. But if the customer email support alias, they can work around having multiple roles for users by using a different alias

2. Can Ansarada GRC customers use SSO?

After integrating with Identity, customers can follow the current process of Identity to enable SSO. (Request us via Jira ticket, all the works are done from the Identity side)

We only have SAML SSO at the moment

3. Which URL is used to log in for Ansarada GRC users after integration?

The user would go to the usual Ansarada GRC login URL (Example AU demo site:
then he would be redirected to ULP (at:…..)

4. If I log in from and land on Dash. Then I switch to GRC with the menu on the top left, do I need to log in again?

Because the domains are currently different ( vs user will have to log in again.

5. I updated my first name / last name on the Profile page of Ansarada, why don't I see it update in GRC?

The system will sync this info every time the user login to Ansarada GRC. So just need to log in again to see them updated

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