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Insights Lite Enhancements - Dec 2022
Insights Lite Enhancements - Dec 2022

TriLine: Insights Lite Enhancements - Dec 2022

Written by Neha Aswal
Updated over a week ago

TriLine Insights Lite enhancements

After releasing the insights module for Events, Risk and Current Tasks, we received a lot of feedback from the customers. So. we focussed on making some improvements to the current insights dashboards and functionalities as shown below:

New Enhancements:

  • Ability to click through to the record (after drilling through)

  • Ability to easily reset filters

  • Adding additional fields and columns

New improvements as shown in the table below:


What has changed?


  1. All Dashboards

On the drill-through table, a user can now click on the URL link to Triline records

2. All Dashboards

Added a reset button on each dashboard

3. All Dashboards

‘Back to report’ button (after drilling through) UI enhanced

4. Risk Dashboard

Risk Matrix will now allow a user to drill through every cell

5. Risk Dashboard

Risks with Overdue metrics -

New columns added in details: Actioned By Title, Due Date and # of days

6. Risk Dashboard

Metric renamed from Risks not linked to Controls to Risks not linked to Controls Library

7. Risk Dashboard

Changed Top 10 Risks to “View Top Risks by Score”

Reason - Was unable to add the ranking for each risk due to Power BI technical constraints.

8. Risk Dashboard

Top Risks table:

  1. New columns added: Appetite Score and Next Due Date

  2. A flexible selection of Top 5, Top 10 or Top 15 filters has been added

  3. A user can search for a specific subset of risks, e.g. Top5 of all operational risks

9. Current Tasks

Renamed “Allocated to” to “Actioned by” in the ‘Top Positions’ table

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