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Available actions for managing your stakeholders within the Materiality Assessment.

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You can directly manage your stakeholders groups, sub-groups, and individual users, on the Stakeholders tab.

There are three separate tabs across the top of the Stakeholders page:

  • All Stakeholders

  • Internal stakeholders

  • External stakeholders.

For each of the stakeholder groups, you can also create sub-group, add stakeholders, and send assessments.

Group Actions:

Add Stakeholders

Read our article on adding internal and external stakeholders to find out more!

Creating sub-groups:

  • Sub-groups can be created to differentiate the stakeholders into smaller teams.

  • You can invite stakeholders directly in to a newly created sub-group, or move existing stakeholders into a sub-group by clicking the action icon next to the individual user.

Sending Assessments:

Assessments can be sent through the stakeholders tab, in addition to being sent from the Assessments tab.

Note: When you are sending assessments through the stakeholders tab, please note that the assessment will send to the entire stakeholder group.

Individual actions:

For the individual users within stakeholder groups, admins are able to:

Edit personal details

  • Name, email, mobile, job title, company name, stakeholder group/subgroup

Delete user

View Activity

  • View the activity history on when the individual received, started and completed the Materiality Assessment.

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