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Ansarada GRC: New User Interface (UI) Guide
Ansarada GRC: New User Interface (UI) Guide

Ansarada GRC: New User Interface (UI) Guide

Written by Neha Aswal
Updated over a week ago

Welcome to the new user interface of Ansarada GRC! This guide will walk you through the updated UI and help you navigate the various features and enhancements. Please note that all modules' reports and maintenance have been relocated to dedicated menu tabs for your convenience.

Key Features of the New UI:

  1. Modern and Intuitive Design: The new UI brings a fresh and modern look to Ansarada GRC, with improved usability and intuitive navigation. The interface has been redesigned to enhance user experience and streamline your workflow.

  2. Simplified Navigation Menu: The navigation menu has been reorganized and optimized to make it easier for you to access different modules and functionalities within Ansarada GRC. You will find the menu options logically grouped, allowing for quicker and more convenient navigation.

  3. Dedicated Reports Menu Tab: All module reports can now be found under the Reports menu tab. This centralized location allows for easier access and management of your reports. Generate comprehensive reports, analyze data, and gain valuable insights directly from the Reports tab.

  4. Maintenance Menu Tab: Maintenance tasks for all modules have been consolidated under the Maintenance menu tab. This centralized hub simplifies the management and upkeep of your Ansarada GRC modules. Perform system configurations, updates, and other maintenance activities in a more organized manner.

    Introducing the Latest UI Enhancements: What's New in the Revamped User Interface.

    • Reports Section: Enjoy seamless access to reports by locating them in the Reports Main menu, conveniently situated at the top of the interface. This centralized placement ensures easy retrieval and management of reports across all modules.

    • Maintenance Section: Say goodbye to the scattered maintenance sections within individual modules. With the introduction of the Maintenance main menu, you can now effortlessly handle all maintenance-related tasks from one centralized location. This streamlines maintenance operations and boosts efficiency.

    • Security Centre: Find the Security Centre conveniently positioned alongside the general menu under the Maintenance main menu tab. This strategic relocation allows for quick and intuitive access to essential security-related features and settings.

    • Breadcrumb Redesign: The new UI presents a modernized approach with the introduction of a history icon located in the right-hand corner. Simply click on the icon to access a comprehensive history of your navigation, enabling you to effortlessly revisit previous screens and sections.

    • Enhanced Module Functionality: Enjoy a seamless transition from main modules to their corresponding records. For instance, selecting the Risk module will lead you directly to the associated records, providing a smoother and more intuitive user experience.

    Discover the Transformative Updates in the Upcoming Ansarada GRC UI Interface below in detail:

    1. Introducing the Enhanced 'My Summary' Page:

    Upon logging into Ansarada GRC, you will be greeted by the revamped 'My Summary' page, featuring a modern design and intuitive icons. This updated layout offers enhanced flexibility, allowing you to effectively oversee and complete your tasks.

    Image: My Summary page

    2. Reports Tab menu:

    In the updated version, the reports for all modules have been consolidated under the Reports main menu tab. By selecting the Reports tab, a sub-menu will appear, providing access to reports for each module. This centralized location allows users to conveniently access and manage reports for different modules. Please refer to the below image for further clarification on how to access it:

    Image: Reports Tab menu

    Simply click on the desired module to access the corresponding reporting functionalities. We believe this reorganization will enhance your experience in generating and analyzing reports within Ansarada GRC.

    3. Maintenance section:

    In this new UI version, the maintenance section previously located within individual modules has been relocated to a more accessible and streamlined location. Users can now find all maintenance functionalities conveniently grouped under a dedicated main menu tab called 'Maintenance.' This change aims to provide an efficient approach to managing maintenance tasks.

    By consolidating the maintenance features into a single tab, users will no longer need to navigate through multiple module tabs to perform maintenance-related activities. The new 'Maintenance' tab serves as a comprehensive hub, offering a wide range of functionalities that cover various aspects of maintenance within the application.

    Users can now enjoy the convenience of accessing all maintenance features under one tab, promoting efficiency and productivity within their systems. Please see the image below:

    Image: Maintenace Tab for General maintenance and all modules

    4. Enhanced Breadcrumb Navigation in Ansarada GRC: Intuitive History Icon Placement:

    In a significant improvement to the Ansarada GRC platform, the breadcrumb navigation, which previously followed a certain format as shown below, has undergone a notable transformation. The below example is from the Old and existing UI where the historical records were reflected on the top:

    Image: Existing UI Breadcrumb example:

    The breadcrumb has been relocated to the right-hand corner, now represented by a history icon. The new history icon, prominently positioned in the right-hand corner, serves as a gateway to a comprehensive overview of the user's navigation history. With a simple click or tap on the icon, users can now retrieve a detailed record of the screens and sections they have previously visited within the application.

    Please see the example below:

    Image: New UI History icon feature

    5. Risk Records (previously “work with risks”):

    In the latest user interface (UI) update, accessing risk records has become significantly more convenient. With just a single click, users can effortlessly navigate to the risk module and locate the desired risk records. To improve clarity and enhance user flexibility, the module previously known as "Work with Risk records" has been renamed to simply "Risk records." The primary objective behind this renaming is to eliminate any potential confusion and empower users with greater control over how they access risk records. By adopting the straightforward and concise label of "Risk records," the UI provides a clearer understanding of the module's purpose and functionality.

    Image: Risk records navigation

    6. Enhanced Flexibility and Efficiency: Security Centre Relocated to the Maintenance Section:

    Administrators are granted increased flexibility and efficiency with the relocation of the Security Centre. The Maintenance section now serves as a comprehensive hub where administrators can access both configuration settings and the Security Centre. This centralization allows for seamless management of all actions related to positions and security group access.

    By integrating the Security Centre within the Maintenance section, administrators can conveniently perform all necessary tasks pertaining to positions and security from a single, unified location.

    Image: Security centre navigation

    7. Creating Register and Events Records in the New UI

    To create Register and Events records in the new UI, the process has been updated for improved accessibility and to reduce confusion for new users.

    In the previous version (old UI), Register and Events records were created by clicking on a "+" icon located next to the respective registers/events. However, this functionality has been modified in the new UI.

    Image: Click on Register to see the sub menu for Creating and viewing the register records.

    Image: Select the desired register to create new register records.

    When you navigate to the Register/Events main menu tab in the new UI, you will find a sub-menu tab labelled "Create" and "Records."

    Create: This submenu allows you to create new records by selecting the desired register from a dropdown list. Upon selecting a register, a new window will pop up, providing the necessary fields to create a new record.

    Records: This sub-menu provides visibility for all the records registered under specific registers. By clicking on the desired register, you can access and view all the records associated with it.

    To summarize:

    • "Create" is used for creating new records.

    • "Records" is used to view all the existing records.

    The same implies to the Events module.

    Require Additional Support or Have Further Inquiries Regarding the New UI?

    If you require any further assistance or have specific questions about the new UI of Ansarada GRC, our dedicated support team is here to help. Reach out to our support centre via phone or email ([email protected]) for prompt assistance and guidance.

    We hope you enjoy the enhanced user experience offered by the new UI of Ansarada GRC. We are committed to continuously improving our platform to meet your evolving risk and compliance needs.

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