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Redact- Redaction browser

Preview, modify and confirm your redactions

Written by iain freeman
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Admin only function

Preview, modify and confirm

On entry you will be shown the first document with the selected patterns and searched items highlighted.

These highlighted items match up with entries under the keywords and patterns heading.
Check them over and confirm them by pressing "Redact (n) items" at bottom of screen same to our current single document redaction screen.

Those redaction marks are now ready to be saved.

Note: Any found patterns that were not selected are underlined in the document.
You can add these in or search for more keywords and redact them before moving to the next document as well as adding any text or area redaction marks.

Helper toolbar

Stay in control of your redaction process.

Here the current document number and how many are in the queue to preview.
Also shown is how many redaction marks (selected items) will be redacted when confirmed or the number of redacted items you just completed.

Progression to the next document

No changes to the document

Redactions confirmed or edits made.

Note: At any time you can choose to redact all the remaining documents. This will save the current document redactions and all future documents with the selections made in Setup stage.

If you cancel at any time, all previous documents you saved will be redacted.
All future documents not yet viewed will not be.

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