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Ansarada GRC - An overview of security permissions and unique scenarios

Written by Dani Pandhal
Updated over a week ago

A general overview of the security permissions found in Ansarada GRC:

Unique Functionality

Ansarada GRChas added functionality to allow a more flexible environment for an administrator to set up depending on the required outcome. These include the 'Show to Reporter' and 'See Own Data Only' functions in the system.

Show to Reporter

In Ansarada GRC, Events and Registers has a specific security functionality called 'Show to Reporter'.

Here an event manager may use this functionality to restrict access to a reporter if they wish for the record to be managed by department heads or restrict view from a security groups that does not have a direct link to the record in conjunction with the 'See Own Data Only' function:

Set a Position as ‘See Own Data Only’

If you would like to only see your own data, rather than data from other users in your organisation, you can configure your Position to be set to ‘See Own Data Only’.

The ‘See Own Data Only’ option restricts the information a Position can see to only that which the Position needs for a given role. However, the more responsibility a Position has for a Compliance, Risk, KRI, Event or associated Task, the more information will be visible to that Position in order to perform that role.

For Positions with ‘See Own Data Only’ selected,Ansarada GRC provides scaled access to Compliance Processes, Risks and KRIs, Events, and their Tasks.

You may also decide to have Edit Rights triumph the See Own Data Only function if the Maintenance menu via Maintenance>Configuration>Interface:

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