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Having issues receiving emails from us?
Having issues receiving emails from us?

Here’s some steps you can take to ensure you get up to date email communications.

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💡Tip: If you are not receiving important emails, this article will guide you on how to solve this issue.

Ensuring that you receive all the necessary communication from Ansarada is crucial for smooth operations. If you are not receiving emails from Ansarada, please follow the steps below:

  1. Check Your Email Inbox and Spam Folder: First, check your email inbox and your spam/junk folder to make sure that the email has not been accidentally categorized as spam.

  2. Whitelist Ansarada GRC Email Addresses: If you cannot find the email in your inbox or spam folder, you may need to ask your IT team to whitelist the following email addresses:

Whitelisting these email addresses ensures that emails from Ansarada are recognized as safe and are delivered to your inbox.

3. Request Resending of Emails: Once your IT team has whitelisted the above email addresses, you can request that the email be resent. This can be done by contacting support at [email protected], or alternatively by re-initiating the action that triggered the email (e.g. submitting a form).

💡Tip: If you are not sure how to whitelist email addresses, your IT team should be familiar with the process and able to assist you.

4. Check Your Email Settings: Sometimes email filters or settings can prevent emails from being delivered to your inbox. Check your email settings to make sure that there are no filters that could be blocking emails from Ansarada.

5. Contact Ansarada support: If you have tried the above steps and are still not receiving emails, please contact Ansarada support for further assistance.

By ensuring that Ansarada emails are whitelisted and checking your email settings, you will be able to receive important communications and keep your operations running smoothly.

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