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Add Important Business Service
Add Important Business Service

Learn more on how to add your IBS with Ansarada Operational Resilience.

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Important business service (IBS) refers to a critical function within a firm that, if disrupted, could pose a risk to a firm's stability and continuity. Identifying your IBS is a critical first step in ensuring that your firm is protected from disruption.

Option 1: Global Add button

Select top right Add > Important business service.

Option 2: Add IBS in Overview page

In Overview page > select Add an important business service.

1. Fill out IBS form

Admins need to fill out all the mandatory fields in the IBS form before saving the record.

  • Number - enter a unique number for this business service

  • Record Status - select Active / Inactive

  • Title - enter a title / name for this business service

  • Description (Optional) - enter a description for this business service

  • Criticality (Optional) - select the level of criticality

  • Priority (Optional) - select a priority

  • Justification - enter a reason to justify the importance of this business service

2. Set security

  • Once the IBS details is completed, click Set security button to go next

  • Select a Owner from the drop down list and set security setting for each Security groups. For additional information on Security, please refer to this page

3. Add a prevention plan

  • Measures (optional) - enter the measures you would take to present disruption to this business service

  • Justification for measures (optional) - enter the justification for your preventative measures

4. Document impact tolerance

Impact tolerance is set based on a harm threshold (e.g. disruption time reaches a level of harm). Where a disruption event exceed the threshold it is considered intolerable.

  • Overall - enter the overall number of days

  • Optional - Harm for customer, harm for the market, harm for your firm

  • Justification - enter your reason to justify the tolerance level

  • Harm or impact (optional) - select the level of harm or impact

  • Financial value (optional) - enter a value

  • Number of customers impacted (optional)- enter a value

5. Click Add button to save the IBS record 🎉

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