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Learn more on how to add your critical process with Ansarada Operational Resilience.

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Critical process refers to a key business process or operation that is crucial for the firm's ability to function and deliver its products or services, maintain the day-to-day operations and ensure business continuity.

1. Add critical process

Option 1: Global Add button

Select top right Add > Critical process

Option 2: Add critical process in Overview page

In Overview page > select Add a critical process

Option 3: Add critical process under an important business service

Navigate to the Important Business Services tab > select the specific IBS > navigate to Critical processes tab > Add a critical process

2. Fill out critical process form

Admins need to fill out all the mandatory fields in the critical process form before saving the record.

  • Number - enter a unique number for this critical process

  • Record Status - select Active / Inactive

  • Owner - select an owner from a dropdown list of all positions that have edit access to the parent IBS

  • Important business service - select an important business service from a dropdown list

  • Title - enter a title / name for this critical process

  • Status - select Business as usual / Contingency

  • Description (optional) - enter a description for this critical process

3. Click Add button to save the critical process record 🎉

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