Material issue IDs and where to find them
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When adding material issues to the Ansarada Materiality Assessment you are required to select the relevant framework, as well as enter the material issue ID used by your chosen framework.

What are material issue IDs

In the context of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) assessments, a material issue ID is a unique identification number assigned to specific sustainability-related issue within a given framework.

These material issue IDs play an important role in ESG reporting and analysis, by enabling organizations to systematically identify, track, and address the most significant ESG challenges and opportunities.

Where to find material issue IDs for different frameworks

Here are some resources where you can find material issue IDs for various ESG frameworks:

Material issue IDs are essential tools for conducting comprehensive and effective ESG assessments. They bring clarity, consistency, and transparency to the process, enabling organizations to make informed decisions, set meaningful sustainability goals, and communicate their progress to stakeholders more effectively. By referencing the provided URLs, users can access various ESG frameworks to find the relevant material issue IDs for their assessments.

โš ๏ธ Good to know:

  • The availability of material issue IDs may vary across frameworks, and it's essential to ensure alignment with the specific framework your organization follows.

  • Some frameworks may be regularly updated, and it's a good practice to visit the official websites or contact the relevant organizations directly for the most current information.

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