Ansarada GRC: Alert notifications

Alert notifications

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Alert notification in TriLine GRC is via email. The below alerts will be sent out to the owners of the Records when any changes are made.

List of Monitor Alerts

New task - TriLine GRC Tasks for completion

Second Reminder

Critical Task Reminder

Task Overdue - Escalation

Monitor New Tasks has Run

Monitor Critical Tasks has Run

Monitor Overnight has Run

LexisNexis New or Updated Obligation ***

LexisNexis Alert ***

*** Obligation Module must be installed.

List of Immediate Alerts

Complete Contract Task - Negative Outcome

Complete Contract Task - Not Completed

Complete Treatment Task - Negative Outcome

Complete Treatment Task - Not Completed

Complete Compliance Task - Negative Outcome

Complete Compliance Task - Not Completed

Change Current Task Due Date

Re-activated Completed Task

Temporarily Reallocated Future Task

Transfer Current Task

Complete Event Task - Not Completed

Complete KRI Task - Rating Not ‘green’

Complete KRI Task - Not Completed

Complete Risk Review Task - Not Completed

Load KRI History - Rating Not ‘green’

Event Created

Edit Event - Note added by other than Event Manager

Edit Event - Change of Status (to Recorded By)

Edit Event - Change of Manager

Edit Event - Attachment added by other than Event Manager

New Register recorded

Register Status changed

Password reset request

Risk assesment is modification alert

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