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Custom email/notification for binder
Custom email/notification for binder

Admins can now personalize emails/notifications before sharing the binder with users, enabling effective and customized communication

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Admins can customise email/notification before publishing the binder to the users by following the steps below:

  1. Open the binder and select Publish

  2. Choose Send custom notification message within publish binder options

  3. Click Create new and enter Notification title

  4. Compose the message that will be sent to the users and click Yes. Please note that hovering over the lozenge will display the text that will be substituted in the notification (email or device).

  5. You can also click on Save and save multiple email/messages as template. A pop-up window will appear after it has been saved.

    ⚠️Good to know: You can easily drag and drop placeholders like "BinderName" or "BoardName" to the left, incorporating them into your message or email.

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