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Ansarada GRC: Improved Task Reminder Labels - Dec 2023
Ansarada GRC: Improved Task Reminder Labels - Dec 2023

Enjoy a more intuitive and efficient task management experience as we continue to enhance your user journey.

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Enhancing user experience in task scheduling for precise setup of schedules, the new labels clearly differentiate between the task creation date and the user reminder date.

New labels for task reminder

The Reminder field is now split into two separate fields and renamed as follows:

Old Label

New Label


1st Reminder

Create Current Task

This is the number of days before the Task due date that the Task will be generated and each Person notified.

2nd Reminder


In the case where the Task has not been completed, this indicates how many days before the due date you would like to send out a reminder.

⚠️ Good to know: A warning message will be displayed if the reminder date is set before the current task creation date, stating: Reminder date must be set after Task Creation date.

Scope of change

This improved label has been implemented in a total of 17 areas within the GRC platform.
These areas include:

  1. Edit Document

  2. Edit Event Task

  3. Edit KRI

  4. Edit Process Control

  5. Edit Triage Task

  6. Edit Register Task

  7. New Contract

  8. Edit Attestation Task

  9. Edit Contract Task

  10. Edit Contract

  11. Edit Treatment

  12. Risk

  13. SMCR edit Accountability Sign-off Task

  14. SMCR Edit Certificate

  15. SMCR Configuration

  16. Edit Complaint Task

  17. Edit Control Inventory Task

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