ℹ️This feature is only accessible to Admins.

When re opening a Room all of the data (documents, security, users, Q&A and settings) remains exactly as it was at the time of closure. Ansarada does not delete any information from the Room upon closure unless requested to do so.

Re open your Room

⚠️Good to know: To keep your data safe Ansarada will only be able to re open Rooms at the request of an Admin, Key contact or Signatory listed on file.

To re open a Room simply email Ansarada's support team with the following information:

1. The Room name.
2. Whether the room is to be enabled immediately or on a particular date and time.
3. How long the Room is required.
4. If Ansarada should disable access for all Guest users prior to re opening the Room. Admins are always able to disable or enable access once the room has been re opened by following these steps.

If the Ansarada contract has expired, a new contract will need to be signed before the Room is reopened.

Once our Support team have actioned the request, an email confirming the Room has been re enabled will be sent.

💡Tip: The Room can be accessed by logging in to your account here.

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