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Extract Deal Room bulk download
Extract Deal Room bulk download

Learn how to extract a Bulk download once it has been completed.

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Once your Bulk download is complete, you will receive an email with a link.

Extract a Bulk download

1. Once the bulk download has been completed you will receive an email, select Start download.

2. If you are not logged into the Room you will be prompted to login. Once logged in, the download will start automatically.

3. Once the download has completed if you do not get a message to save the zip file, go to where the zip file has downloaded (usually this will be your downloads folder).

4. Right click on the zip file, select WinZip and select Unzip to...

5. The WinZip Extract window will open, select location to extract the file to.

6. Select Unzip.

7. Once the extraction is complete there will be a folder starting with BD, click on this folder to access the files and folders.

To learn more about your completed Bulk Download here.

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