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Add a single file into the Room.

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ℹ️These features are accessible to Admins and Publishers.

Admins and Publishers can either upload in Bulk or upload an individual file.

💡Tip: To upload multiple files, use the Bulk upload tool. Learn more here.

To add a single file or folder to the Room:

1. Go to the Left menu. Select Manage, and select Documents.

2. Select Add and choose Document.

3. A new window appears. Select Choose file to locate the file on your computer.

⚠️Good to know: You're able to upload any file type to the Room but the necessary program must be installed on the viewer's computer to open the files. PDFs, Excel, Word and PowerPoint can have extra security added. We also have a maximum file size for an individual file to be 1.5 GB, this can be increased to 10 GB if the admin sends the request to do so to Ansarada Support.

4. Find the file, select Open.

5. Choose the Document index parent folder. This is where the document will live in your Room.

6. The Number automatically generates if the default Room numbering is enabled. Both name and number can be updated manually.

7. The Name automatically generates based on the original name of the file.

8. Choose the Status: Enabled or Disabled.

⚠️Good to know: Enabled documents can be viewed in the Document Index by anyone who has permission. Disabled documents and folders won't appear in the Document Index until they're enabled.

9. Check the Notify affected users when document is added box if you want to notify people that the document has been added. The notification will only be sent if the file is enabled.

10. Select Add.

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