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Room archives can be requested at any stage of a deal. They can be for the entire Room, including Q&A, or for part of the Room.

There are two archive options: a full archive (the entire Room) or a filtered version of the Room.

💡Tip: If you are Archiving your Room, we recommend using Pathways to stay on top of your companies information. Read more here.

Option 1: Entire Room (full archive)

Full archives are suitable for internal purposes, not for sharing with any other parties. This is because they contain:

  • All files and folders (both Enabled and Disabled).

  • All questions and answers, including attachments and internal comments.

  • The Activity log by person report.

  • The Document views report.

Option 2: Filtered Room

Filtered archives of the Room are suitable for sharing with other parties, and can mirror what a Team in the Room can see. There are several options for filtered Room archives. Select from the following for inclusion in your Archive:

  • Team, which determine the files, folders and Q&A that are included.

  • Sub-team, which determine if the files, folders and Q&A are only to show one Sub-teams access or all Sub-teams sitting within the parent Team.

  • Disabled documents, which include files and folders that are disabled but allowed to the Team and Sub-team(s) selected.

⚠️Good to know: Including All Sub-teams in an Archive link will include the data and information of all Sub-team's within a parent Team. This means that all documents and Q&A for each Sub-Team within the parent Team will be merged and included.

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