ℹ️ During the COVID-19 pandemic Ansarada recommends that archives from data rooms are downloaded digitally as opposed to requesting USB copies. Whilst we still can produce physical USB copies from our London, Chicago and Sydney locations, the process requires couriers. This means delivery times can be greatly delayed or not possible at all depending on the pickup and destination locations. This is due to the rapidly changing nature of travel restrictions by countries and the varied courier company policies for their staff during this period, which are also subject to rapid change.

Room archives can be requested at any stage of a deal. They can be for the entire Room, including Q&A, or for part of the Room.

There are two archive options: a full archive (the entire Room) or a filtered version of the Room.

💡Tip: If you are Archiving your Room, we recommend using Pathways to stay on top of your companies information. Read more here.

Option 1: Entire Room (full archive)

Full archives are suitable for internal purposes, not for sharing with any other parties. This is because they contain:

  • All files and folders (both Enabled and Disabled).

  • All questions and answers, including attachments and internal comments.

  • The Activity log by person report.

  • The Document views report.

Option 2: Filtered Room

Filtered archives of the Room are suitable for sharing with other parties, and can mirror what a Team in the Room can see. There are several options for filtered Room archives. Select from the following for inclusion in your Archive:

  • Team, which determine the files, folders and Q&A that are included.

  • Sub-team, which determine if the files, folders and Q&A are only to show one Sub-teams access or all Sub-teams sitting within the parent Team.

  • Disabled documents, which include files and folders that are disabled but allowed to the Team and Sub-team(s) selected.

⚠️Good to know: Including All Sub-teams in an Archive link will include the data and information of all Sub-team's within a parent Team. This means that all documents and Q&A for each Sub-Team within the parent Team will be merged and included.

Request an archive: Enabled Room
Request an archive: Disabled Room

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