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Bulk download completion
Bulk download completion

All you need to about your Bulk download once it has been completed in the Room.

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Using Bulk download allows you to download multiple files and folders in one go. Learn how to download multiple files and folders here.

💡Tip: If you require a copy of the Room after deal completion, we recommend requesting an Archive. Learn more about Archives here.

Tips when extracting a Bulk download 

Bulk download content/format

When you create your Bulk download, you'll be asked to give the Bulk download a name and Ansarada will allocate a unique ID, such as BD123 for tracking purposes.

The Bulk download comes in the form of a Zip file, e.g. Project Three Dot (BD123).zip.

When you extract the Zip file, your Bulk Download will be contained in a main folder using the Bulk download ID: BD123, and will contain the following:

  • Docs: this folder contains all the Room documents included in the Bulk download, in the Room folder structure.

  • Required Configuration Files: this folder contains the required files for use by ‘Index View of Bulk Download.htm’.

  • Index View of Bulk Download.htm: offline Room-style view of the Bulk Download document index (with expand, collapse options) and hyperlinks to open documents.

Programs to extract the download

We recommend WinZip (version 12 or above) to extract your Bulk download, as the document names may contain Unicode1.

💡Tip: To install or upgrade WinZip, go to


Long file path

If you receive an error when extracting your Bulk download, it may be due to a long file path. To avoid this error, please try extracting your Bulk download Zip file to a location with the shortest path possible, e.g. C:\.

Unable to include file

Occasionally a file can’t be processed, this usually means that the file is corrupt and cannot be included in your Bulk Download. To see if this is the case, please download the individual file from the Room. If there is still an issue with the file please contact our Support team.

Missing files

The Bulk Download will only contain documents that the person is allowed to save. The Filter and ‘Restrictions’ column in the Room Document index will help identify restrictions on files. Learn more about restrictions here.

Name, number & character changes 

There is no file path limit in the Room for Admins and Document publishers when they are adding files and folders.

Name, number and character changes occur if the Bulk download contains a long file path (combined folder name(s) + file name).

Therefore when extracting the Bulk download the file path will automatically shorten when on your computer.  The index included with your Bulk Download (Index View of Bulk Download.htm) will still contain the original, full path.

⚠️Good to know: The Bulk download replaces the following characters:  \ / : * ? ” < > | # with an underscore.

File paths

If the Bulk download encounters a path with too many characters, it performs a series of steps to ensure your Bulk download is as close to the original path as possible:

1. Document name only, index numbers removed.

Shortened file: BD123\Docs\Financial Reports\Year 2010-2011\Long document name.pdf

2. Document name only, characters removed from the end.

Original file: BD123\Docs\01 Financial Reports\01.02 Year 2010-2011\01.02.06 Long document name.pdf
Shortened file: BD123\Docs\01 Financial Reports\01.02 Year 2010-2011\01.02.06 Long docum.pdf

3. Characters removed from the end of the parent folder.

Shortened file: BD123\Docs\01 Financial Reports\01.02 Year 2010-\01.02.06 Long docum.pdf

4. Shortening each parent folder.

Shortened file: BD123\Docs\01 Financial \01.02 Year 2010-\01.02.06 Long docum.pdf

5. If the path is still too long after steps 1-4, the Bulk download will remove the folder and document numbers, in addition to removing characters from the end of the document name and folder name(s):

Shortened file: BD123\Docs\Financial \Year 2010-\Long docum.pdf

6. The final step is that the bulk download will move only the affected document(s) to a folder called ‘_DocumentPathTooLong’:

Shortened file: BD123\Docs\_DocumentPathTooLong\Long docum.pdf

If path shortening results in duplicate file names in the same directory, we’ll differentiate as follows:

Original files:
…Year 2010-\Long document name.pdf
…Year 2010-\Long document title.pdf
…Year 2010-\Long document heading.pdf

Shortened files:
…Year 2010-\Long docum.pdf
…Year 2010-\Long doc~1.pdf
…Year 2010-\Long doc~2.pdf

⚠️Good to know: Once the file path has been shortened to 180 characters the Bulk download will be processed.

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