Room Admins can place printing, saving and editing restrictions on PDFs and Microsoft Office files. Learn how to see if there are any restrictions on files and what the restrictions mean.

View restrictions on a specific file

1. Go to the Left menu. Under View, select Document index.

2. A list of all files available to you appears. On the far right, select the Item menu, next to the file or folder that you want to view restrictions for.

  • The dropdown indicates if printing and saving are allowed or denied.

Microsoft Excel editing restrictions explained

Editing restrictions may be applied to secured Microsoft Excel files in the Room.

💡Tip: If you require the Excel data to be presented in another way, we recommend that the filters and/or macros are run before uploading the file to the Room.

Here's a chart that outlines what functionality is affected with Allow editing turned off and on.

⚠️ Good to know: XFA-formatted PDF files and PDF portfolios, will only be secured and watermarked on the cover page.

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