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Edit Microsoft Excel documents
Edit Microsoft Excel documents

Restrictions can be applied to Excel files including the option to edit content and use functions like formulas, filters and macros.

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Editing restrictions can be applied to Microsoft Excel files in the Room.

Allow Editing for Microsoft Office documents gives people the option to add or edit content to the Excel sheet, and use functions like formulas, filters and macros. These changes only apply to the version of the file that is saved to their computer, and does not affect the file in the Room.

As Microsoft Office files are typically ‘working files’ that are designed to allow for further editing and modification, the Secure Office feature can have practical implications for your deal that should be considered before choosing to apply them. Learn more about Secure Office requirements here to ensure your deal runs smoothly.

💡Tip: If you require the Excel data to be presented in another way, we recommend that the filters and/or macros are run before the file is uploaded to the Room.

If editing is not allowed on a file:

  • you cannot run macros

  • you cannot use existing filters

  • you cannot add additional filters

  • you cannot copy and paste cell contents or formulas

If editing is allowed on a file:

  • you can use existing filters

  • you can run macros

  • you cannot add additional filters

Here is an overview of all Microsoft Excel functionality that is able to be used with Allow editing turned on and off.

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