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Procure: Pause two-way Q&A
Procure: Pause two-way Q&A

The Room allows you to pause the two-way Q&A at any moment in time.

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Two-way Q&A Rooms have been designed for procurement. Due to this it varies in its functionality and has different Q&A roles. Learn more about two-way Q&A roles for procure data rooms here.

To stop Guests from asking questions in two-way Q&A Rooms we recommend changing their Question submission limits to 0.

To update Question submission limits, follow the below steps:

1. Go to the Left menu. Under Manage, select Q&A.

2. Go to Set submission limits, select Edit.

3. Select Teams with people who can ask questions.

4. Go to Total questions by priority, then under All enter 0 for all Teams that should no longer be able to ask questions.

💡Tip: There is no need to set the Submission frequency by priority to 0 as long as Total questions by priority has been updated.

5. Select Save.

💡Tip: If you no longer want Guests to see and participate in Q&A, and to stop them receiving Q&A notifications, then simply remove their Q&A role and ensure that they do not have any other Q&A role assigned to them. This will remove the Q&A tab from their menu and they will stop receiving Q&A notifications.

If you are running one-way Q&A, learn how to pause Q&A here.

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