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Edit Question Subjects

Edit Q&A question Subjects.

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️ℹ️This feature is only available to Room Admins who are also Q&A admins or Q&A observers with Full control in one-way Q&A, or Admins who are Internal Main Contacts in two-way Q&A.

Question subjects allow questions in Q&A to be categorized, helping to streamline and better organize the Q&A process. To use Question subjects, bidders simply select the relevant question subject when asking a question.

To edit Subjects, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Left menu. Under Manage, select Q&A.

2. Go to Question subjects, select Edit.

💡Tip: If your Room is using two-way Q&A this page will look different. instead, select Submission limits from the top menu.

3. Locate the Subject or Subject group.

4. Select the Item menu, then select Edit.

5. Update the Subject settings and Save!

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