ℹ️This feature is only accessible to Answer approvers using one-way Q&A.

Any user that has the Q&A role Answer approver assigned will be able to approve Answers to Questions (when the Q&A status is Answer awaiting approval) without needing to be logged into the Room. Learn more about Q&A roles here and the Q&A status here.

To approve Answers by email please follow the below steps:

1. Open the Q&A email notification.

2. Select Approve answer.

  • Or select Login for more actions to amend the Answer or to re assign the Question and Answer.

3. Your action was successfully saved will pop up in a new window to confirm the Answer has been approved.

  • Select View question to see the question and answer within the Room. 

⚠️Good to know: To be able to approve Answers via email, an Admin must activate Q&A notifications text to display within email notifications via their Room settings. Learn how to activate this feature here. Answer approvers will also need to ensure that their Q&A notifications in the Room are still switched on. Learn how to update Q&A notifications here.

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